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Why Apprentices Should Stay with Support Ontario Youth

June 14, 2021

Your apprenticeship is an exciting time in your life. At the doorstep of a new career, everything is just that…new. And with the unknown can come stress, uncertainty, and missteps. Support Ontario Youth (SOY) knows the apprenticeship process inside and out, backward, and forwards. We exist to help you along your journey, making your training process as accessible and efficient as possible. We focus on what comes next so that you can focus on learning your craft. Here are just a few of the ways we can help make your apprenticeship efficient:


Access and connections

Our pool of connections is impressive. We provide you with access to a network of peers, mentors, employers, and key people in your industry. Working with SOY lets you make connections now that will impact your future career.


We help with the admin

When you are under SOY’s guidance and part of our group, we work with you to gather all relevant documents, and ensure they are filled out and submitted properly. Starting an apprenticeship can be a stressful and confusing experience for some. We guide you through the process, eliminating the chance of missing portions of your application to ensure your Registered Training Agreement (RTA) is created without any hold-ups. In fact, when you are with SOY, the Employment and Training Consultant (ETC) works directly with our team to make sure the information on the agreement is accurate and up-to-date. We will contact you when it is ready for your signature. Getting you working in your scope of practice as quickly and painlessly as possible is our goal!


Apprentice Recruitment

Support Ontario Youth is a group sponsor and holds the registered training agreement for you. This centralized oversight simplifies the administration process for both you and the employers, while creating a safety net for you if and/or when you need to find a new employer. SOY streamlines the complexity of the administrative process by selecting and screening applicants, handling the administration related to the apprenticeship program on your behalf, and leads the outreach to the contractors who can employ you.


Financial support

We help you make the most of every dollar by keeping you informed of any scholarships, grants, and funding options available. If you are struggling with the financial portion of your apprenticeship, we work with you to see what we can do to help lighten the load, such as proactively understanding the education process and how to effectively budget when the times comes to go back to school.

Already a Support Ontario Youth apprentice? Look out for more information coming soon.

Make the most of your apprenticeship and take some of the stress out of this crucial transition portion of your career. With Support Ontario Youth on your side, you can focus on learning your trade, trusting that we have your back throughout the process.

To find out more, visit the contact page of our website to see how to get in touch.

Here are what some of our apprentice’s had to say:

"Being with SOY definitely alleviated a lot of stress, just knowing there was a place to ask questions, and that there was someone (in this case, a whole team) looking out for me and my best interests. They wholeheartedly cared about ensuring my success, and I'm very thankful for their support." – Andrew F.

"SOY has provided guidance and support that keeps me motivated to continue and complete my journey as an apprentice. In addition to giving me feedback on my resume, SOY is also there to help me with any issues I may have with an employer and they provide me with the information I was not aware of including, the new Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women. SOY is there to assist me with any questions I have as an apprentice." – Tatiyana M.

"Having SOY in my corner meant if I was ever unclear, of anything, SOY would be able to offer me the mentorship and guidance I needed, something that is missing in the apprenticeship world today." – Reuben E

"I believe that SOY gave me this opportunity by assisting me in getting signed up with OCOT as well as giving me access to a mentor for all my questions about my trade. I believe that this program is so important for apprentices. It gives us protection and helps bridge the gap between employers and apprentices. Without this program, I would not have had the opportunity to work for a great company." – Rob B.

Why Apprentices Should Stay with Support Ontario Youth

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