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Support Ontario Youth Collaborates with JAND Services Inc. to Help Move Apprenticeships Forward

May 31, 2019

May 30, 2019 (Kitchener/Brantford) – Support Ontario Youth (SOY) is proud to announce that we will be aligning with JAND Services Inc. (JAND) to help move apprenticeships forward in Ontario. This collaboration is proposing to provide entrance-level opportunities to candidates looking to get into the skilled trades.

JAND, with assistance from Green Metals Canada, Inc., is looking to begin a copper separation operation within its facilities in Cambridge Ontario.

Green Metals Canada has committed to allow JAND to use two of its copper wire and cable stripping units. The proceeds earned from the recovery will be used to pay for the labour required to strip and segregate the copper and other raw materials, as well as its ongoing operation. In addition, JAND will provide employment opportunities on the copper operation for pre-apprentices at their facilities, where they will learn valuable skills related to hand and power tool operation.

“In an effort to expand opportunities within our communities and business we will continue to provide a stable and accommodating learning environment for committed individuals. Our focus is with trades labour and the shortage of young people entering the trades in Ontario,” says Larry Robinson, President and owner for JAND Services Inc. “Our experience within the power sector of Ontario for nearly three decades has given JAND direct insight into the current shortage and the realization it is going to get far worse before it gets better. While there is no magic bullet which will alleviate this reality quickly, we are prepared to offer our support through this initiative with SOY.”

“Today’s aspiring apprentices often come to the industry with little to no experience, just a keen interest and an appetite to learn more,” says Stephen Sell, Executive Director for Support Ontario Youth. “This opportunity will provide them with the chance to be gainfully employed while working in an industry environment. They will be surrounded with industry equipment and tools, as well as immersed in an environment conducive to their apprenticeship. This opportunity will also teach them the essential-skills that come with having, and maintaining, their first job in the industry.”

In order for the initiative to be successful in providing key employment opportunities, JAND and SOY will require scrap wire, cable and other copper sources. These scrap products can be picked up or dropped off, at no cost, to JAND’s warehouses.

JAND Services Inc. began warehouse operations in October of 2018, responding to the local needs of businesses. Due to the workload demand, JAND has since hired and retained 12 employees and has developed a staffing model that helps bridge the gap within their local community to address these demands.

Support Ontario Youth is a federally registered charity established in 2016 and received charitable status in 2017. SOY was established in 2016 to advance the apprenticeship system in Ontario. Since March 2018, SOY has worked with apprentices, employers and industry stakeholders to provide support in streamlining the apprenticeship pathway in Ontario for apprentices. SOY’s mandate is to advocate for the apprentice and help support them in their journey to becoming a fully licensed journeyperson.

If you are interested in getting involved, or supporting this initiative email Huong Nguyen at info@supportontarioyouth.ca or Larry Robinson at larryrobinson@jandservices.com.




Media Contacts:
Huong Nguyen
Manger, Operations, Support Ontario Youth
Office: 647-693-8939


Larry Robinson
President, JAND Services Inc.
Office: 519-386-4117

Support Ontario Youth Collaborates with JAND Services Inc. to Help Move Apprenticeships Forward

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