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Attitudes Are Shifting Back on the Understanding on a Career in the Skilled Trades

July 26, 2018

Many young adults (including those in high school) have, up until recently, felt there was only one path for them after graduation. They’ve been guided by teachers, family and society to understand that success means earning a university degree, and taking on massive debt. While having a career in the trades has been overlooked by many for years, attitudes are now shifting back, here’s why…


Realistically, salary range is one of the biggest deciding factors most youth consider when looking at potential careers. With a job in the trades, not only is the income potential high for starting salaries, you don’t need to take on back breaking debt to start your career. An apprenticeship lets you ‘earn while you learn,’ meaning most people start their profession with little to no debt. On average, an electrician will make $30.32/hour early on in their career, based on Indeed Canada (2016 and 2017).


Fact – Society needs trades people! Their work impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. They build and maintain the homes we live in, keep the vehicles we rely on running. In fact, imagine a time when we won’t need electricians and plumbers, you can’t! There will always be demand for skilled trades workers. While it can be hard to find a job in most industries across the spectrum, one area of the job market in Ontario that is currently in demand is the trades. Think about friends and family you know who obtained a university degree for one thing and ended
up working in a completely different field. With an apprenticeship in the trades, you can train for a job you love and enjoy a fulfilling career in the same industry!


This may sound silly but think back to when you were a kid. Remember the joy you felt playing, building, and creating with your hands? It probably gave you a great sense of pride and achievement. Beyond the money and opportunities, trade jobs are also some of the most satisfying and fulfilling. They involve physical, hands-on work while still being mentally engaging and require problem solving on a daily basis. And the opportunities don’t stop at just your
trade, you can branch out to inspector, professor, contractor, consultant or even business owner. Your options are endless!

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Attitudes Are Shifting Back on the Understanding on a Career in the Skilled Trades

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