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Are You Ready to Be an Apprentice? New Trades People are in High Demand!

April 10, 2018

New trades people are in high demand! There are many amazing job opportunities in well paying, hands on and fulfilling careers. Support Ontario Youth can help you start your apprenticeship and get you working in a trade that excites you.

In the past, those who wanted to enter the skilled-trades have had the difficult task of finding their own apprenticeship. If you didn’t already have connections in the industry, it could feel like an overwhelming experience with little to no guidance, and just more questions.

At Support Ontario Youth, we make becoming an apprentice easy! With our vast network of industry professionals, we work with you to find an apprenticeship where you can gain valuable job experience working alongside skilled men and women from your industry - and provide you with mentorship and guidance to help you be successful on your apprenticeship journey

Support Ontario Youth is dedicated to helping you become “job ready” so that you can step into a lifelong career with endless opportunities. Experience real-world job scenarios within the safety of an apprenticeship program. Build confidence and hone your skills – leaving you ready to face any challenges that may come in your future career.

“Earn while you learn,” is one of the biggest benefits of an apprenticeship program. Most educational programs leave students with mounds of debt to pay off after graduation. Choosing an apprenticeship lets you build your skills while earning a regular pay cheque. How many people get to start their career with little to no debt?

Benefits of choosing an apprenticeship with Support Ontario Youth:

  • Connect and gain valuable insight from Support Ontario Youth’s network of experts 
  • Ask questions to a mentor that will help guide you through your on-the-job training and in-class education
  • Administrative support to help you stay on top of all the necessary documents, and training records that you will need to provide to be successful in your career path

Your future starts now… partner with Support Ontario Youth, and step into your career today!

Are You Ready to Be an Apprentice? New Trades People are in High Demand!

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