Support Ontario Youth

Unfair apprenticeship rules in Ontario stop thousands of young people from getting a start in the skilled trades and harm numerous small businesses across the province.

In a requirement almost unique to Ontario, contractors must have three certified electricians for every apprentice. By comparison, almost every other province requires just one certified journey person per apprentice.

This provincial government rule imposes tight limits on the number of apprentices electrical contractors can hire in Ontario, which means fewer opportunities for those wanting to work.

Compounding this unfair situation, the Ontario government actively encourages young people to enter the skilled trades and has significantly increased funding for training programs. Moreover, electrical contractors would hire literally thousands of apprentices right now if given the chance amid a fast-growing shortage of skilled tradespersons.

Similarly lop-sided apprenticeship ratios in Ontario affect thousands more young people and businesses in other skilled trades such as sheet metal work and stone masonry.

It's time for the provincial government to support Ontario youth. It’s time for new rules that allow one apprentice for each certified electrician like almost all other provinces and states across Canada and the U.S.

The solution is simple. It is cost-free to taxpayers. It will be effective in quickly getting thousands of Ontarians to work.

It's time for the Ontario government to act, now.