Why pre-apprenticeship training?

The Ontario Electrical League supports industry recognized pre-apprenticeship trainers like the Pre-Apprenticeship Training (PAT) Institute.

Quality pre-apprenticeship programs contribute to the development of a diverse and skilled workforce by preparing youth participants to meet the basic qualifications for entry into a registered apprenticeship program in Ontario. With high demands for apprenticeships in electrical, plumbing and HVAC, proper pre-apprenticeship training improves employment prospects of all individuals looking to  begin a career in the skilled trades. Their prospects improve because a well structured pre-apprenticeship training program will bring many advantages to both the new apprentices and the employer. With pre-apprenticeship training, pre-apprentices are able to gain industry related experience allowing them to meet and exceed the expectations of contractors.

Pre-apprenticeship training also plays an important role for apprenticeship completion. Specifically, these programs allow interested individuals to gain insights into the reality of working in the skilled trades. These insights help enhance the apprentice experience as pre-apprentices learn valuable trade theory and practice as well as necessary safety training. Training and curriculum based on industry standards are designed to prepare individuals with the skills and abilities needed to be successful in their apprenticeship. With these strong recruitment strategies, pre-apprenticeship training therefore provides apprentices with a sustainable apprenticeship and future career.   


Why the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute?

The Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute is an industry recognized trainer. As the official trainer for the Ontario Electrical League (OEL), Merit Ontario, the Progressive Contracting Association of Canada (PCAC) and the CLAC Union, pre-apprenticeship training at the PAT Institute meets industry standards. Industry training programs mean that pre-apprentices at PAT gain important, industry related experience, giving them the necessary qualifications to begin an apprenticeship. Included with this skill development is the inclusion of six safety training protocols allowing PAT graduates to collectively protect themselves and their co-workers from any potential workplace hazards. 

Industry training with the PAT Institute also includes extensive hands-on work to simulate the application of skills and understanding. When not working on projects, pre-apprentices learn from text and code books all under the guidance of licensed trade professionals. The effectiveness of these programs ultimately works to not only improve employment opportunity for pre-apprentices but also helps to ensure that apprenticeship process is completed successfully.

With industry recognized training programs, the PAT Institute is setting the standard for training pre-apprentices. Through industry recognition, PAT offers a unique student experience by providing their pre-apprentices with the right combination of hands-on and classroom learning making the Institute a leader for skilled trades training. As such, the PAT Institute has become the necessary link for connecting pre-apprentices with industry employers looking to hire skilled apprentices.