Job Board

Looking for a job in the Skilled Trades?  In Ontario the Openshop Job Board is sponsored by the Ontario Electrical League, Merit Ontario, and is linked with the CLAC Union Employment Services Program.

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The Job Board ( is an industry job board program that features many innovations to benefit employers looking to hire skilled employees. By using the Job Board, contractors can manage their recruitment process from start to finish. With interfaces unique to each employer, contractors can manage their own account, post job opportunities and can check on the hiring progress.

Beyond being able to actively recruit new pre-apprentices, the Job Board allows employers to actively view the available workforce across a detailed map. When accessing the account, employers can then check applicant resumes and skill-sets, allowing them to arrange interviews with candidates that are best suited for the desired role. Therefore, employers have the ability to select skilled candidates that are located in close proximity to job site locations. In turn, this helps contractors maximize job-site efficiency, by allowing employers to hire knowledgeable and localized talent.

Job Board benefits also provide employers and contractors by featuring current trade-related information. Ranging from employer grants to general information about the industry, contractors utilizing the Job Board will be up-dated on all of the trends and developments associated with the trades. This helps to ensure that all contractors are aware of various rules and regulations that impact their business operations. It also allows contractors to modify their business practices accordingly, helping to ensure that all employers meet Ministry rules and regulations.

Employers featured on the Job Board will also gain a comprehensive means to accurately document and record apprentices’ hours. Active portals within the Job Board give users the ability to open a ‘Time Sheet’ window, where on-going accumulation of apprenticeship hours allows contractors to properly plan for the next step in the development of their apprentices.

Job Seekers

As a registered job seeker on the Job Board (, candidates are instantly connected with dozens of industry related professionals looking to hire skilled trade workers. Specifically, the Job Board is maintained and operated by skilled trade professionals, making the program an active recruitment tool utilized by contractors. As such, job seekers are linked to industry contractors by providing them with resumes and other profile details that employers can consider. This means that job seekers on the Job Board are more then just a name and resume: job seekers on the Job Board are able to showcase their skills and experiences in a way that is custom designed for employment in the skilled trades.

The Job Board also allows job seekers to interact directly with potential employers. This gives prospective employees an advantage over other job boards as this interaction gives contractors a better understanding of new entrant’s skills and abilities. With that, the Job Board provides a place for job seekers to optimize their chances for career employment. In comparison to major job boards, this Job Board program features trade-specific postings. As such, opportunities are focused, decreasing the amount of applicants featured which in turn, increases the potential for job seeker employment. Therefore, with proper utilization of the online Job Board program, job seekers can search the most applicable listing available while also showcasing themselves to potential employers and industry contractors.